I'm a director and creative producer, mostly of documentary commercials. I’m passionate about using stories to connect people, create community, and affect social change. What that means in practice, is spending a great deal of time researching, crafting, and workshopping stories from pre-production through post. I ask clients and collaborators lots of questions, mostly when you get down to it telling stories is all about listening for the common threads that connect us all.



I've had the great privilege of working with production companies and organizations both here in Maine and around the world. As someone who grew up in a small rural town where filmmaking wasn't really a career option, I feel pretty fortunate to be able to say that's what I do. Working with organizations like Maine Coast Heritage Trust, Maine Farmland Trust, the United Nations, and Thinking Beyond Borders has been a dream come true.



On a personal note: my husband and I just bought our first home here in Portland, ME. We have a cat named Gus (he’s named after the bike shop where we first met 9 years ago) and a pup named Kali. In our spare time, we like to ride our bikes and race cyclocross. When we’re not doing that we love hosting friends and family for dinner, or BBQ’s, or game nights. I'm a community organizer at heart, so I'm always looking for any excuse to bring people together.

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